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SHARP Survey Information


Alpine School District has agreed to participate in the Student Health and Risk Prevention (SHARP) Survey Project sponsored by the Utah Department of Health and Human Services. The purpose of the survey is to gather important information needed to plan prevention and intervention programs to combat such problems as alcohol and other drug use and violence in our schools and communities.

We are asking for your help in administering this important survey.
The SHARP survey requires “active parental consent”. This means that parents must “opt-in” in order to participate. Active parental consent allows parents to be informed about the survey, their right to see the survey, and their child’s rights in the survey process. Active parental consent requires that parents check “yes” to their child taking the survey, and return the signed consent form to the school before their child is allowed to take the survey. Students whose parents refuse permission, and students who do not return a consent form, are not
allowed to take the survey.

Parent Consent Form

Formulario de consentimiento de los padres