Trust Land Funds

Trust Land Funds

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Trust Land Funds are grant monies the school can receive based on a proposal written by the school and must be approved by the School Community Council, Alpine School District, and the State of Utah. We have received a little over $65,000 for the 2016-2017 school year. This money supports our School Improvement Plan. Our plan was to improve reading scores in our lower grades and math scores in our upper grades. Our scores reflected positive gains in these areas.

Last year’s money was used for a variety of items. With these funds, we hired a full-time aide for each of our kindergarten classes. We have also been able to provide an extra hour of instruction for some of our kindergarten students. Trust Land Funds have made it possible to hire double dose aides to help with extra instruction for four of our grade levels during small group time. Upper grade levels have been provided with an extra hour of aide time to assist teachers and students academically. In addition, we were able to provide extra professional development for a number of our teachers.

With additional funds that were given to us, we purchased a class set of 40 Chromebooks with a cart. A Chromebook is designed to work primarily with the Internet and allows students to develop skills that will increase their knowledge and testing proficiency. With these new additions, we believe our focus on student growth and achievement will increase in the coming years.

Total Grant Money Allotted to Ridgeline for 2014-2015 – $51,489

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