2020-2021 School Access Route Plan

for Ridgeline Elementary

In accordance with state standards, Ridgeline Elementary School has identified school access routes for Ridgeline students who live within the walk boundary established for the school.  A map showing the identified routes can be viewed by following this link (add link).

The intent of a School Access Plan is NOT to identify every school access route or to identify the more convenient school access routes; it is to identify main walk/bike routes that students can use to get to school.  Care has been taken to consult with local law enforcement, school PTSA and School Community Council representatives, and the District’s traffic safety committee in establishing school access routes.  Despite broad consultation and agreement from all participating parties, no one, including the Alpine School District and Ridgeline Elementary can guarantee that the agreed upon access routes are or will ever be completely free from hazards.  

Parents are encouraged to review and then walk the access routes with their child/children, to address specific concerns they may have, and to instruct their child/children to obey the laws and rules pertaining to pedestrian safety.  If a parent feels their child/children should use an access route that IS NOT identified in this plan, it is their prerogative to instruct their child/children differently.

As previously stated, the intent of a School Access Route Plan is NOT to identify every school access route or to identify the more convenient school access routes.  For this plan, school access routes have been identified and are described below.

School Access Route Descriptions:

  1. Safe routes are determined by main paths to school. Markers may shift slightly depending on view and magnification settings on your browser.
  2. Students should always use sidewalks, walking paths, and crosswalks.
  3. Students from most communities should make their way to 11800 North.
  4. Students who live south of the school may choose to access the city walking path and enter the playground from the gate in the southwest corner of the playground.
  5. Communities north of the school should only cross 11800 North using the crosswalk and wait for the direction of the crossing guard when present.