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*Knowledge Bowl*

Knowledge Bowl is an academic competition program for students in grades 3 through 9 sponsored by Alpine School District. Teams of five students compete by answering questions learned during study sessions held before the competition. Each year focuses on one of 4 rotating subjects including, Science, History, Geography, and The Arts. Participating in Knowledge Bowl helps students delve deeper into the core curriculum while making friends and enjoying a sense of competition and achievement!

Who should participate in Knowledge Bowl?

Knowledge Bowl is open for students in 3-6 grades.
Students participating in Knowledge Bowl should:
*be exceptionally good students, whose regular class work would not suffer from an additional academic challenge
*have regular time to commit to home study of Knowledge Bowl information
*be able to learn/retain a large number of facts and information for later recall
*have parents or guardians who are willing to be involved in contributing to the program—both studying at home with *their student, and being involved in the Knowledge Bowl program (helping research, organizing study materials, or *teaching/coaching the Knowledge Bowl teams)

**This is a great way for high achieving/gifted students to have an academically challenging experience**

Some calendar dates for Knowledge Bowl 2013-2014

October 23 @ 2:20 and 3:35 (a Wednesday)
Parent/Student Information Meeting

This meeting is critical for parents and students to know about the program and its expectations and benefits.
If you or your student cannot come, please contact Amy Frandsen for more information.

October 30 (Wednesday) Student Tryouts

Students will be called out of class to take a short test based on the information in this study packet.
Students will be asked to bring the completed study packet to show their work and research.
Students will then be notified about whether they will have a spot on a team. (We may not have room to place everyone who tries out on a team, but we will do what we can to be sure everyone has a good experience.)

Links to the 2013-2014 Student Try Out Study Guides:

3-4 Grade Knowledge Bowl Try-Out Study Guide (2013-2014)
5-6 Grade Knowledge Bowl Try-Out Study Guide (2013-2014)

November 4 (Monday) Study sessions begin

Study sessions will be held Mondays from 2:40-3:30 at the school, November through March.
(As the competition gets closer, more/longer practices may be held.)

March 15 & 22 (Saturdays)Knowledge Bowl District Competitions

Teams will compete with other schools in the district.

5-6 graders will compete on March 15.
3-4 grade will compete on March 22.

Students who participate must be here for these dates!!

If you are interested in trying out, please print off a try-out study guide, complete it
and study it by Wednesday October 30th.

Let Amy Frandsen know you will be trying out
by contacting her: email [email protected] or text/call 801.661.0561
We need to know your name, grade, and teacher.

This is a program overseen by Mr. Sessions. The PTA coordinator is Amy Frandsen. The program is made possible by the dedicated work and efforts of the parents of the students involved.

Throughout the last few years, Mr. Sessions and several parent volunteers have led our schools in these competitions, and we’ve always been one of the top schools in attendance. Last year, the topic was “THE ARTS”—literature, music, art, and theater. Each of our teams won a majority of their competition rounds. Two teams were undefeated, both of which placed in the highest ranking of the competition—the top 10 (the school district does not disclose individual team rankings, but they do distinguish which teams ranked in the top 10). Most elementary schools in the district have at least one team in the competition. Great job to the 2012-2013 Knowledge Bowl students! They were outstanding!!

If your student is not able to participate this year, look forward to next year when the topic will be HISTORY.
Please contact Amy Frandsen with any questions about this program: [email protected] or text/call 801.661.0561

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