6th Grade Student Council

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After a rigorous process in which interested 6th grade students were required to create a poster board, submit a paper on “why they wanted to be in the student council,” and collect three letters of reference teachers selected 20 students to be the student council members for the 2017-18 school year.  After being selected the 20 students then had the opportunity to do a “meet and greet” with all 6th grade student body in which they had the opportunity to tell about themselves and deliver a 2 minute speech on why they should be elected to the student body presidency.  The 6th grade students then all had the opportunity to vote for one member, from the 20 previously selected, to be the president, vice-present, and secretary.

Congratulations to the following students:

Jake Beckstead: President, Ciera Timothy: Vice President, Chase Mull: Secretary, Alisha Thomas, Ezra Jorgensen, AJ Krieger, Katherine Stewart, Bryce Glutz, Laci Ritchie, Nicole McKee, Adam Sweat, Maci Crivac, Kirra Heindorff, Tristan Baird, Kate Christensen, Mia Murdock, Abby Barlow, Kate Bullington, Ally Johnson, and Sadie Dahl.

Students in the student council will have the opportunity to attend a leadership conference at UVU and help with various school events throughout the school year.  We have such great student leaders among us!

A shout out and thank you to the 6th grade team for helping with the student council, Ms. Childs (student council advisor), Mrs. Hanson (co-advisor), and Mrs. Hamilton (school social worker) for coordinating the student council activities and program throughout the year.







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